Indoor Air Quality

VOC’s and MVOC’s

Residential and Commercial properties can have MVOC’s, VOC’s, Unusual Particulate and other contaminates that could impact human health. The EPA, CDC, NIOSH, including several other authorities provide threshold values for exposure for most chemicals or compounds. Testing for chemicals and gases requires training and understanding what causes the exposures.

New technologies and equipment allow for simple screening to make sure your Home or Building is safe. A good visual assessment along with collecting air or surface samples for analysis can often revile a source.

HI Safety First has been very successful identifying and resolving our clients complaints. Exposure to some chemicals can cause extreme health related affects. Clients have contacted us about mold and through proper investigation we were able to determine other sources of contaminates as the cause of complaint.

Recent cases detected carcinogenic chemicals, buried kerosene tanks, over exposure to cleaning products, personnel care products, leaking paint cans and formaldehyde just to name a few. Understanding the source can provide solutions for removal.


Odors are very difficult to solve in some cases. Source location are even more difficult to find and with the right type of investigation and testing . We have been very successful finding and addressing the odors and possibly residues from source.