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HI Safety First Corporation, specializing in Building Inspections and Indoor Air Quality Assessments. HI Safety First offers quality and reliable Inspections you can rely on. Our Licensed Home Inspectors and Licensed Mold Assessors to provide professional results and solutions. Our professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about HI Safety First Corporation or our Many Services. Our Staff are well educated in Building Inspecting, Mold & Indoor Environmental Assessments and provide solutions based on Building Science. Please click on the service icon below to gather more information to find out how HI Safety First Corporation can serve you Inspection needs.

If you need a New Home Inspection, Building or Structural Inspection, Commercial ASTM 2018 – 15 PCR or Individual System Inspection we can provide the type of report to meet your needs. All inspection include Florida Building code references, Images of deficiencies and a Professional report to support observation and conclusions. At HI Safety First Corporation, our goal is to provide you with Professional Inspection Services of the highest caliber.

HI Safety First Corporation provides Professional Mold Assessments and Indoor Air Quality Assessment to meet your needs. Our reports are designed to be direct and to the point with solutions to remove and prevent future recontamination. All information in our reports is based on National Standards and Industry Guidelines. We strive to provide our clients with easy to read and understand reports. We assemble a list of guidelines to complete remediation projects and prevent regrowth of mold or reduce or eliminate chemical exposures.

HI Safety First Corporation Inspectors have over 44 years working in the building industry and onsite training including years of extensive industry training. Contact us to schedule an Inspection or Assessment you need.

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